The BEST Delivery Service for Restaurants & Grocery Stores 

Restaurants Can Stop Overpaying for Food Delivery

Ready to stop overpaying for delivery services? Contact us here for more information.

Uber Eats, Grubhub, Doordash and others charge 20%-30% for online ordering/delivery services.

Get Snap Delivered. Save Money on Delivery Services. Earn Revenue on Deliveries.



Member Cost

No set up fee. (Grubhub charges $350)

No annual or monthly fees

$2 per delivery

$1 per consumer pickup

Generate residual income referring restaurants, drivers, and customers to our platform (optional).

SNAP Delivered turns food delivery into something you want to do. Not have to do.

Drivers Wanted. Sign up as a Driver & Earn 100% of the fare & tip.

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