BEST, Low Cost Delivery Service for your Restaurant.

Tired of 3rd party delivery companies eating all of your profits?

Now restaurants can save money on delivery fees!

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The restaurant delivery business is booming right now due to Covid19. And will probably be a very popular option moving forward.

However, most restaurants have a very hard time absorbing a 25% (average) delivery cost charged by popular third party delivery services. Their services range from 20%-30% +. Snap Delivered flat fee pricing is just $2 per delivery!

Now you can turn your restaurant deliveries into a cash positive revenue stream for your business.

  • Restaurants no longer have to over-pay for food delivery services.

  • Snap Delivered flat fee pricing is $2 per delivery

  • Compatible with most POS systems.

Drivers Wanted. Sign up as a Driver & Earn 100% of the fare & tip.

Get Snap Delivered. Save Money on Delivery Services. Earn Revenue on Deliveries.

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